Monitoring of fuel burning and control system of Turbo-generator No 10

Description:  the system includes 4 pcs. SIMATIC S7-215 controllers for burner control of 8 burners, SIMATIC S7 315-2DP controller for general fuel burning system control and operator station Simatic WINCC for process visualization, data processing, long-term archiving and storing of the information.
The system realizes automatic management of the fuel burning installation,
information processing, visualization, archiving and storing by operator station

  • 1 SIMATIC S7 315-2 DP
  • 4 SIMATIC S7-215
  • one WinCC SCADA operator station

SCADA System Reconstruction of Boiler 5 in TPP Rousse

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Description: includes technological protection system of K5 (built on SIMATIC S5 95F), management and control system of the Natural Gas Burning Installation (built on SIMATIC S7 300F) and Dust Feeders Control system (built on VFD MICROMASTER 420).

The existing management and visualization software installed, was replaced with WINCC V7.0 system software. The scope of the work includes project development, delivery of the equipment, mounting, wiring, PLC and SCADA programming, application software development, commissioning, adjustment and putting into exploitation.

  • 1 SIMATIC S7 414-3 DP
  • 1 CP443-1 Advanced
  • 10 VFDs MICROMASTER 420 controlling dust feeders
  • two redundant SCADA operator stations

Neochim AD - power monitoring system

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Description:  building of new energy monitoring and control SCADA automation system  in area 700.

  • more than 10 SIMATIC S7-315 2PN/DP PLCs
  • more than 500 powermeters and electric meters
  • 2 redundant SCADA servers (WinCC v7.0 SP3) and one operator station
  • more than 78000 external tags
  • more than 13 gigabit managed switches
  • redundant SM FO ring (1GBit)
  • more than 100 IED (SIPROTEC 7SJ) with IEC61850 protocol, connected in redundant FO rings
  • GPS time synchronization

WP Suvorovo 110/20kV

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Description: development and implementation of automation system for data collecting and presentation in substation ”Suvorovo” / wind park “Suvorovo”. The scope of the work includes configuration and programming of SICAM PAS server, configuration and programming of PAS CC operator station, start-up, commissioning and putting into exploitation.

  • SICAM PAS Station Unit – Full Server
  • SICAM PAS CC Software for full-graphic operating and visualisation
  • 20 IED (SIPROTEC 7SJ) with IEC 61850 communication and redundant FO ring
  • two redundant, managed Ruggedcom switches
  • communication with control center on IEC60870-5-104 protocol

Water purifying stations for drinking water in Kosovo – Viti,Gjilan,Ferizai and Velekince (with Fela Plannung – Switzerland)

Description: development and putting into exploitation of automation systems for management and control of all the processes in each station.

  • SIMATIC S7-315 PLC
  • 5 SIMATIC S7 151-8
  • distributed periphery
  • 2 redundant SCADA operator stations
  • leased line communication with pumping station

Neochim AD – belt transport system

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Description:  management and control system of the transport belts in buildings 402, 404 and 405 of workshop area 640.

  • two redundant SCADA operator stations
  • redundant FO PROFIBUS DP ring

Agropolihim AD – weightfeeder systems

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Description:  control the flow rate of bulk materials at four weightfeeder system

  • 4 SIMATIC S7-314C DP PLC
  • 4 SIMATIC HMI KP700 7”
  • 8 VFDs by DANFOSS

Automatic line for flexible piping connections

Description:  development and implementation of automation system for management and control of production line for assembly of flexible plumbing water-pipes

  • SIMOTION Motion Control System
  • SIMATIC MP 377 19” multi panel
  • Mobile panel
  • SINAMICS S120 Smart
  • Machine vision by COGNEX

"OLIVA" LTD. - Кneja

Food industry

“Sunflower oil monitoring and control system”. The system is built on the basis of PLC SIMATIC S5, sunflower oil flowmeters 7MR1410 type, production of SIEMENS AG – Germany and two personal computers IBM PC/AT type. The system performs monitoring of the oil quantities in the refinery, automatic batching of small and big vessels filling at selling, making and printing of invoices, process visualization and long-term archiving of the information.

"STORKO" - PLeven

Food industry

Automation system for monitoring and control of stork and temperature monitoring in 3 autoclaves. The system is built on the basis of programmable controller SIMATIC S5-100U, operator panel OP5, production of SIEMENS AG – Germany, pressure transmitters and differential pressure transmitters, production of ESI – UK and IBM PC/AT operator station. It performs automatically operation of the work of the stork by uninterrupted monitoring and holding up of a fixed pressure and differential pressure and the work of the autoclaves by keeping a constant pre-set temperature. The system is managed by operator station for information visualization, archiving, storing and printing by key.